Black Ops 2 Aimbot Hack Download 2013, PS3, Xbox360, PC


People are really pleased to converse close to the new black ops 2 aimbot hack with a free download, this is the only working ps3, xbox360, and pc aimbot hack for black ops 2 that will work and hasnt been patched in the 2013 year. You dont have to look anymore for how to hack black ops 2 game or download the free aimbot hack that everyone is talking about. You’ll find we have observed the primarily Cod Black Ops 2 Aimbot Hack V1.1. You can end your search today for looking for a no surveys download for the ps3 aimbot hack for black ops 2 game.  Some of the amazing features of this free hack for black ops 2 is the aim thru walls, bone scan, esp, and even radar.  Below you will find a ton more of the exciting features included in your 2013 download for the only un patched aimbot hack for black ops 2.

Features of Black Ops 2 Aimbot Hack Download V1.1

– Autobot
– AimThru
– AimAt
– AimKey
– Visibility Check
– BoneScan
– Knifebot
– AutoSwitch
– Autoshoot
– AutoWall
– AutoZoom
– AutoProne
– Field Of View
– Human Aim
– Aim Speed
– Ping Correction
– Friendly Aim

– Name
– Distance
– Pose
– Skeleton
– Smiley Face
– Weapon
– BoundingBox
– Line
– AimDirection
– HeadDot
– See Dropped Weapons
– Helicopter
– Planes
– Sentries
– Dogs
– Explosives
– Explosive warning
– Enemy warning
– 2D Radar

– No Recoil
– No Spread Misc
– ZoomHack
– PlayerHud
– Draw Stats
– Chat Spam
– Draw Fps
– Draw Time
– Draw Resolution
– Crosshair
– Set the fade of the radar
– Set the fade of the stats
– Four slots to save settings
– Ability to move menu
– Menu fully mouse controlled

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